• Joseph E. Guimera

7 steps to mitigating your cyber risk

Continuing cyberattacks on healthcare providers emphasize the need for medical practices of all sizes to make cybersecurity an essential part of their business. Here are seven steps to strengthen your practice’s cybersecurity position. 

1. Conduct a risk assessment 

Successful cybersecurity begins with understanding the actual threats and vulnerabilities your practice faces. A cybersecurity risk assessment lists the practice assets that could be subject to cyberattack (such as hardware, systems, mobile devices, patient data, etc.), identifies the possible threats to those assets, and evaluates the likelihood of the identified threats actually occurring. This allows you to focus resources on the risks most likely to occur and prioritize which vulnerabilities to address first. 

A risk assessment also is important in the event of a data breach. It shows you acted reasonably in identifying and addressing potential threats and may be required to obtain cybersecurity insurance.

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