Drawing on his experience as an attorney, strategist, and entrepreneur, Joe Guimera regularly delivers presentations that engage and captivate audiences and deliver practical insights. His straightforward style gets to the bottom line quickly and connects with audiences. He has created and delivered numerous presentations on legal and business strategy, data security and technology issues for professionals, executives, and managers.


Workshops & Training

Joe’s workshops and training programs are designed to focus on results. Joe helps you and your team reach your goals with practical, real-life content.

From hour-long to multi-day sessions, all programs are customized to achieve specific results for your organization. Programs can be held on-site at company events, meetings or conferences, or via webinars or live streaming.

Your Strategy Needs a New Strategy  

In a business environment of fast-moving markets and dynamic technologies, creating and executing an effective strategy is increasingly difficult. A static approach that fails to respond to change is a recipe for failure. Creating a plan that dynamically responds to social, economic, and political changes while remaining vibrant and relevant requires the alignment of your strategy with your organization's structure and culture.  


Confident Decision-Making

While the ability to make timely and effective decisions is an essential skill for any successful businessperson, bad decision-making is common throughout the business world. While high-quality decisions require rational deliberation, most decisions are made on the basis of emotions and biases. Hone your decision-making skills by learning the elements of high-quality decision-making.

Winning the Digital Disruption Game

Digital leaders are in high demand. As organizations increasingly rely on digital technologies, tech savvy leaders who can inspire their teams are required in every job function, from operations to human resources to marketing. But how does a digital leader create effective strategies to deal with disruption caused by innovative technologies, evolving business models and a changing workforce?

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